Monday, March 15, 2010

There Once Was A Girl......

How can I say this?

We are in tough times right now, whether it's financially or relationship wise but mostly financial problems.

A friend once asked me, What is the best feature in a girl? I responded with, "Their voice."

There is nothing like a woman's voice, they each have their own soft tone. Well for me, a woman's voice brings warmth to my heart.

Whenever I am sad or downed in anyway.
Your voice gave me wings and made me feel alive again.
I know you learned from me as much as I did from you.
Every second in our lives together that we spent,
You taught me how to cook, to behave, to help others
And most importantly, how to smile.
But what I do know is this,
That I won't be able to find anyone like you.
Til this day I have not found what I need or want.
It's not about looks at all, it's about what's inside.
But I just wanted to say one thing and one thing only.
Thank You for everything.
It's up to you if you want to see this as a Poem, a Letter or just a Thank You.
Believe me when I say, I truely did Love you.
Thank you for everything Erin. You really were amazing.

- Andrei

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  1. You know as well as I that brighter times are ahead. If my recent fortune of being signed by the agency is any indication, that time will come sooner than later. Hang in there, friend...