Monday, March 15, 2010

There Once Was A Girl......

How can I say this?

We are in tough times right now, whether it's financially or relationship wise but mostly financial problems.

A friend once asked me, What is the best feature in a girl? I responded with, "Their voice."

There is nothing like a woman's voice, they each have their own soft tone. Well for me, a woman's voice brings warmth to my heart.

Whenever I am sad or downed in anyway.
Your voice gave me wings and made me feel alive again.
I know you learned from me as much as I did from you.
Every second in our lives together that we spent,
You taught me how to cook, to behave, to help others
And most importantly, how to smile.
But what I do know is this,
That I won't be able to find anyone like you.
Til this day I have not found what I need or want.
It's not about looks at all, it's about what's inside.
But I just wanted to say one thing and one thing only.
Thank You for everything.
It's up to you if you want to see this as a Poem, a Letter or just a Thank You.
Believe me when I say, I truely did Love you.
Thank you for everything Erin. You really were amazing.

- Andrei

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Romances Experience

So I been thinking lately...

After I stopped doing The Romances Experience I heard from two friends who are very knowledgeable with Trance itself and the EDM Genre that Trance had been going downhill.

I can't say much because I stopped doing my radio show RIGHT when this started to occur but it's safe to say it was still big and everyone listened to it when I had stopped.

My friends had said that the new tracks being released were not too good compared to what had come out in 2006 and 2007 where Trance was at it's highest peak. So I did some listening of my own and it's sad to say but what they said was true, most of these tracks were nothing compared to the style of Trance I had spun.

Music is inspired by music.

It doesn't matter what type of Genre music you are listening, ALL music is inspired by each and every other Genre. Artist bounce ideas off each others productions and they create new songs.

For example, if you listen to the radio right now what do you hear mostly?

Some type of Trance or Electro beat/rhythm mixed with Hip Hop. I once even heard a song that was absolutely PURE Trance with just the artist Rapping.

With that being said, music changes and many different ways.

The reason I am saying all of this is because I have been thinking about bringing back The Romances Experience for a while. I would do it simply because it makes me happy, the music is amazing, the rhythm and angelic vocals just give me wings and make me feel alive. It's an amazing feeling, like an accomplishment. I take Music and DJing seriously, it's something I enjoy sharing with people and with myself.

I say ALL of this because I been thinking of WHEN to bring back TRE. But right now doesn't feel right, I don't know what kind of songs I would mix. Productions are really slow and I wouldn't really be on top of my game. I could play classic tunes and some of the new stuff but it wouldn't be same where back then any NEW song that was released was mostly a brilliant single release with 3 amazing remixes.

I want the Return of The Romances Experience to be BIG and special. I think I will give a bit more time and hope things get better but right now, I'm not feeling the Trance.

I can promise you I will bring it back for sure and I know EDM itself is one of the biggest Genre with different types of Electronic Music and Styles. Trance itself has been evolving differently and continues to do so.

Once I feel that powerful and energy in me like I did back when I first made TRE.....I will bring it back. And that time is very soon but not quite right now.

TRE <3

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Job...

I hate my manager, he's trash and has no common sense.

Moving in.

I'm moving in today! I am very excited! This is a big step for me, having my own room and place. I'm going to start going back to school again very soon. Things are looking good for me right now after having such a hectic year in 09.

Been really busy with my 2 jobs and moving in as well but once I settle down it will be a piece of cake!

I'm turning my room into a DJ Studio! Yeah that's right i'm bringing back The Romances Experience as soon I settle down in my new home and rebuy my equipment.

I live in Irvine.

oh oh today is my friend Luis' birthday! He's turning 23! I have a long and very very busy day today.

First I have to go to my booth over at Frank and Sons and finish the orders I have on eBay. Then I need to ship them out, THEN I have to go to my friend's party to hang out for a bit and visit him since I haven't seen him in a while. THEN I have to move atleast my blankets and clothes to my new home. THEN I have to take a nap and go to work.

Talk about working hard and being busy..... well here we go!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the wonderful celebration of two people who become one. It's the day of love in which is spent celebrating it with your loved one.

Let Valentine's Day also be the day to celebrate love itself.

Love is a beautiful thing that as humans, makes us stronger and more powerful.

- With love, anything is possible.

It's days like these that we see only once a year, but of course for those who are truely in love, Valentine's Day is everyday.